Welcome to Ventsys Industries

VENTSYS INDUSTRIES caters to various industries in air movement, ventilation requirements, equipment cooling systems and air pollution control systems. We offer a comprehensive range of Axial Flow Fans, Centrifugal blowers, duct inline fans, degassing blowers, Cyclone and multi clone dust extraction and collection systems, DC motor cooling fans, Cooling fans for asynchronous AC motors, powered roof extractors, dust and coo lent oil mist collectors for wet matching process. Our services include dust collection systems, ventilation improvement, air pressurization and dust proofing, cooling systems for thyristor panels, Forced Cooling Air Supply Units for AC and DC Motors, welding fume extraction, solder fume extraction and every activity connected with air movement.

VENTSYS INDUSTRIES has a dedicated team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and vast experience in our area of activity. All our products and services are custom designed after a careful study of customers requirements. We will be pleased to offer our services to our clients to find a solution to their problems in the area of our expertise.